As well as the latest low- and zero-emissions trucks, TruckShowX will feature a raft of cutting-edge technologies critical to decarbonisation of the road transport industry.

In particular, the event will include a series of presentations on the trailers of the future – key components of which will also be on display at the show’s mini expo.

Dana Australia Engineering Manager Matthew James will address the event on the company’s leadership in the EV commercial drivetrain space – alongside displaying its latest products.

At the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show Dana exhibited its Spicer eS9000r e-axle, which integrates an electric motor, power system and transmission into a drive axle suitable for GVMs up to 10,660kg.

The Dana e-axle produces 237kW, while weighing around 370kg, allowing it to be retrofitted in place of an existing axle group to provide electric drive power or assistance.

James says the company’s long-term strategy is focused on the development of system integration, including motor, invertor, driveline and energy systems.

“We take a long-range view of the electrification technologies being implemented for our end-customers, to ensure that we meet their needs not just now, but that they are supported through the whole-of-life of their vehicles,” he adds.

Joining James on stage will be SAF-Holland Australia’s Product and Engineering Manager Nemanja Miletic, who will present on its successful energy recovery trailer axle, which has been operating in a local fleet in Australia for some time.

SAF-Holland showcased its TRAKr e-axle at the 2023 Truck Show. The regenerative braking axle is integrated into the axle unit, converting kinetic energy into electricity that is then stored in a lithium-ion battery

At the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show SAF-Holland had its TRAKr e-axle on display, a regenerative braking axle that doesn’t contain any rare earth minerals or copper. The sustainably-built electric motor is integrated into the axle unit, converting kinetic energy into electricity that is then stored in a lithium-ion battery.

Energy stored can be used to power auxiliary units for the trailer, such as refrigeration, pumps, or anything else that requires electricity. The TRAKr unit was also featured on a working McDonald’s fridge trailer, harvesting otherwise wasted energy and using it to keep cargo cool.

“In a journey of decarbonisation, every bit counts as there is no ‘silver bullet’ solution that will suit every application,” Miletic says.

“SAF-Holland has pioneered e-axles for heavy-load transport. As a leading global supplier for the commercial vehicle industry, we develop innovative solutions for trailers, for an optimised and resource-friendly world of transport.”

Move Engineering Group, meanwhile, will reveal some ground-breaking powered trailer concepts at TruckShowX.

The West Australian-based group describes itself as “visionary futurists” for the heavy freight transport and mining sectors and is developing cutting-edge powered trailer technologies and concepts.

Led by managing Director Jamie Lodge, Move Engineering Group is set to showcase some of this technology in exhibition and speaking sessions at TruckShowX.

“The concept of a ‘powered trailer’ stems from the idea to add either regenerative energy and/or motive power capabilities to a heavy goods trailer,” Adam Ritzinger, HVIA Chief Technical Officer and TruckShowX Technical Program Manager, explains.

HVIA Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger says adding regenerative energy and/or motive power capabilities to a trailer is an incredibly innovative and exciting freight transport decarbonisation opportunity

“It is an incredibly innovative and exciting freight transport decarbonisation opportunity that has recently emerged from within HVIA’s member base. It is exciting and inspirational to witness the application of ingenuity, engineering, and design expertise to a truly new transport endeavour, right here in Australia.”

Turning to safety, Wormald will display some innovative safety solutions at TruckShowX.

The company is a leading provider of fire protection services in Australia and has been helping to protect life and property for more than 135 years.

At TruckShowX, Wormald will exhibit specialised and unique vehicle battery fire early detection and warning systems, and Li-Ion firefighting equipment, some of which has already been deployed locally in Australia.

“The exhibitor portion of TruckShowX is shaping up to offer an incredibly valuable opportunity to all stakeholders in the trucking decarbonisation space to talk to and learn from proactive and leading businesses,” Ritzinger says.

“We are set to have over 15 stands covering decarbonisation equipment, technology, services, energy, fuels and charging.

“Fitting perfectly into that space is Wormald, showcasing its range of safety systems and technology solutions, which will be of real interest to fleet operators, policy makers, workshop/service providers, and all OHS professionals in general.”

Other key exhibitors to watch out for include Arends Trailers/Vibe Energy, EV charging solutions providers NewVolt, EVSE and Kempower, end-to-end electrification solutions supplier Zenobe, telematics provider Geotab, Hyundai Motor Company Australia, refrigerated trailer supplier QTRS, energy provider Viva Energy and insurer NTI.